St. Peter's Apiary

In 2014, three members of St. Peter's, Chuck and Sandy Dailey along with Gary Sanders began the idea of raising honeybees on the property here at St. Peter's. Numerous hours of reading and learning about what it would take to raise honeybees ensued and a corral was built in the Fall of 2014.

In Spring 2015, the supers were constructed and the three new beekeepers attended classes offered by the Indiana Beekeepers Association to prepare for this new endeavour. In mid-March 2015, the supers were sent with our bee breeeder who will return them in early June 2015.



While both hives thrived this year and each carried over 100 pounds of honey into the late fall, the true measure of our success will come early this spring; overwintering honey bees in this climate is a tremendous challenge, and many local hives will not survive the winter. To help their odds, all excess honey stores over 80 pounds were removed and will be returned to them for early spring food resources.


2016 has seen new additions to the apiary. With Gary’s help, the “Corral” was lengthened by 12 feet, and 4 new hives (“Mary”, “Martha”, "Ruth", and "Rachel") were placed near the existing hives. A fifth hive, "Eve" appeared as a result of a natural split, most likely from the "Cate" hive. In support of our new tenants, we planted 70 pounds of Ladino, White Dutch and Crimson clover in the field. Hopefully this addition will provide a food source for years to come and add color to the north side of the church property.

Thermal image of hives taken February 2016. The lighter the color the higher the temperature and the white is where the bees are,

The latest images of the hives: